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The fairy female Valkyrie are goddesses (angel women) who are goddesses who serve Odin in bringing the warriors to death (Einherjar) or those who die valiantly under the spear of the spear. They were a little similar to the goddess Kères [1] in Greek mythology but not so horrible. Game Of Thrones Air Arya Stark. . The Valkyrie god, who decided to live and die in the battlefield, was allowed to choose which soldier to do the Einherjar. If anyone is chosen to be an Einherjar, they will surely die in battle. In Gylfaginning, Snorri mentioned at Valhalla, they will serve wine to the Einherjar every evening. Any young woman who has become a Valkyrie will forever have immortality and will never be hurt if they obey the orders of the gods and are always a virgin. Valkyrie often wear armor, helmets with horns or wings decorated, riding horses and holding spears. The Valkyrie are also known by other names as battle maidens, maidservants … They are also called swan virgins because they wear swan feathers and bring soldiers to the sky. When down into the world of Midgard, the Valkyries transformed into swans, looking for beautiful springs to bathe. Legend has it that the drops of water falling from the horse’s mane of Valkyrie will make the soil fertile and lush and the light emitted from the sword or armor has created a magical light in the night sky. And that light is the aurora.

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