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There are three divine “clans” in Norse mythology, Aesir (Æsir), Vanir and Jotunheim (in this article called the giant). Air Arya Stark Jordan shirt. The difference between the Æsir and Vanir clans (referred to as gods) is only relative. Between these two divine clans had been at war, but the victory belonged to the Æsir faction. But they accepted the orchestra to rule the world together and to keep peace, the two sides exchanged hostages and had marriages between members of the two clans. Some gods belong to both places. Some scholars speculate that this story reflects the process of invading Indo-European deities prevailing over the indigenous gods. However this is only a hypothesis. There are those who argue that the distinction of Æsir / Vanir is only the Nordic version of the divine system of the Indo-European peoples, much like the distinction between Mount Olympus gods and Titans in Greek mythology. .

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