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There are many modern theories about Greek mythology. Marvel Characters Avengers Endgame Poster.According to Scriptural Theory, all myths originate from religious scriptures, although real events have been covered and transformed [98]. According to Historical Theory, all the characters mentioned in myths are real people, and the myths related to them are merely additions of the later ages. Thus, for example, the story of Aeolus is thought to arise from the fact that Aeolus was a ruler of some islands on the Etruria Sea. Allegorical Theory proposes that ancient myths have fables and symbols; while Physics Theory endorsed the idea that the elements of gas, fire or water originated as objects of religious worship, so important gods were anthropomorphic images of forces. this natural amount [100]. Max Müller tries to understand an Indo-European religious form by tracing back to its “original” Aryan expression. In 1891, he declared that “the most important discovery made in the nineteenth century concerning the ancient history of mankind … is this simple equation: Sanskrit Dyaus Pita = Greek Zeus = Latin Jupiter = Old Norwegian language “[101]. In other cases, the close parallel in personality and function suggests a common legacy, however the lack of language certifications makes it difficult to prove, as compared to Uranus and Varuna (Sanskrit ) or Moirai and Norn

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